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Retired military intelligence officer Major Paul H. Smith has stunned millions with his Remote Viewing and Technical Dowsing training programs. Now, Paul Smith presents a shocking new documentary that reveals the secrets behind the success of the ESP warfare programs in the U.S. military. This training is now declassified and available to the public but for how long?

Over twenty years ago, the U.S. military launched one of the most agressive top-secret ESP research programs in history; resulting in several “mind-skill” breakthroughs that changed the face of warefare forever. Discover the shocking connetion between dowsing and Remote Viewing and learn how the United States utilized these skills to obtain an edge for predicting troop movement and locating missing people. Break through the mystery of ESP and watch the “real story” unfold regarding how scientific research provides shocking evidence that we are trully made up of more than the sum of our parts.

A World without Secrets features exclusive interviews from several Remote Viewing and dowsing experts including Paul H. Smith, Dr. Harold Puthoff and Mel Riley.